Natural horizons
Arcatrans Inc
Welcome to Arcatrans, founded by John Pollard, who is now retired. For much of his career he has been a container and equipment manager with various liner shipping companies in the shipping industry. Having travelled extensively, it was almost inevitable that he became a regular visitor to the Languedoc and the Pyrenees. His first trip to Rennes-le-Château was made in the spring of 1984, and since then he has been determined to unravel the mystery of its buried treasure. Over time it inspired his book, The  Paradise Co-ordinates, where you may share in his eventual solution. You can download articles John Pollard has written on this subject, previously published in the journal The Rennes Alchemist. And now, after further research, the author of The Paradise Co-ordinates is happy to reveal that the site of the Garden of Eden has been discovered by him. Read more here. For the author’s exploration of pre-history and how it interacts with the main theme, click here.
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